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Class 11






Work, Power & Energy


Water is drawn from a well in ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a) `1.4xx10^4J`(b) `1.5xx10^4J`(c) `9.8xx10xx6J`(d) `18J`

Answer : A
Solution : Work done in lifting water and drum is <br> `60xx10xx20J=12000J` <br> Total mass of ropes `=40xx0.5kg=20kg` <br> Work done in the case of ropes is <br> `20xx10xx10=2000J` <br> Total work done `=14000J`

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alert student let's start the distance send decision water is drawn from a well in a 5 kg drum of capacity 55 litre by two ropes connected to the top of the drum the linear mass density of each Roadways 4.5 kg per metre the work done in lifting water to the Ground from the surface of water in the whale 20 Lo is given to you 10 metre per second square and options are given to you like this option is 1.4 into 10 to the power 4 joules option B is 1.5 into 10 to the power efficiency is 9.8 into 10 into fuel and option d is 18 June sunao coming to the solution we know work done in

lifting water nothing water and brown is equal to village MW on the value of w and will be 50 into 10 into 20 plate MGH for total mass 60 gravity is 10 and height is 20 software following you will get 12000 now total mass of the rope equal to your ki notice one thing here to rope is there so if you will

calculate mass of one row of that is length is 20 and for Unit Weight is 4.5 kg softer following you will get total mass equal to 40 kg by 2 mins 20kg you will get the total mass of both of you will get 20 kg for work done in case of bro I am waiting here w to show wrong Centre mafi will find work done so you can write MGH where is the height from the centre of mass of the Rope of mass of both the ropes 20 gravity stand in height will be 20 by 2 Winston for this will come equal to 2002 so

now you have to calculate total work done that will be equal to 1 + w to putting all the values here you will get total Botanical to 14000 dual are you can the 88 like 1.4 into 10 to the power 4 June this will be our final answer and this answer you can thin option

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