Two uniformly charged concentric spherical shells of radius R and r, are given charges Q1 and Q2 respectively. If their potential difference is V, then it will not depends upon:


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hello bhai Subah today's question is to inform recharge concentric spherical surface of radius capital and smaller are given charges Q1 and Q2 respectively if their potential difference is that it will not depend on given to uniformly charged concentric Sphere in which charges Q1 and Q2 is there and we have to tell their potential difference will not depend upon Naukari girls latest job that the potential difference of this inner cell is due to the potential difference of outer shell is given so what is the potential difference between later told that it will be equal to potential difference due to itself that is if you to buy small plus potential difference due to this and potential difference to any person inside it is equal to K that is Cuban / radius of that
we do not come to even more potential difference is even or we can see the potential difference on the outer shell is equals to this is basically a potential at the outer shell out everyone is equals to potential due to its that is equal to K Q1 by our potential due to in a cell can we know that potential due to in a cell is equals to teach you that is clicked you to divide by a distance of the cell from the centre of these that in a cell is basically are we will now have to find the potential difference and potential difference is potential difference it is basically equal to Ritu Manas Bhavan near V2 - 31 that is Delta V comes out to be a smaller
lucky Kyon banvaya capital main kyon per capita lava cake YouTube and capital from here it will become Delta b is equals to QQ 201 by smaller Management by capital of Chhattisgarh potential difference V from here we can clearly see that potential difference depend on charge 22 that is in HR radius that is smaller and capital are but it does not depend on capital Q when does not depend on charge of outer shell that is capital q 1 answer

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