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Class 12






Sources Of Magnetic Field


There exists a long conductor ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`zero``(mu_0VI_0)/(piRb)``(mu_0VI_0)/(2piRb)`none of these

Answer : A
Solution : (a) <br> Magnetic field produced by the conductor along z-axis will <br> be parallel to MN. Hence, force on MN is zero. <br> Current from B to A (through NM or QP): <br> `I=V/(R//2)=(2V)/R` <br> Force due to `I_0` on N'N and Q'Q will be out of the paper and on <br> M'M and P'P will be in the paper. This will produce the torque <br> Torque on M'M (along negative x-axis): <br> `tau =int_a^b((mu_0I_0)/(2pir) Idr) r sin(pi/6)=(mu_0I_0)/(4pi)I(b-a)` <br> `=(mu_0I_02V)/(4Rpi)(b-a)` <br> Total torque =`4tau=2(mu_0I_0V)/(piR)(b-a)` (along negative x-axis.)

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letter start with other question in this question what is given their existing long conductor carrying conductor along Z Axis carrying a current so here or here is the wire which has been place and it is carrying the current along the Z Axis along positive X direction along positive X direction that means that this would be coming out of the plane of paper and having a resistance R is placed symmetrically about x and y axis so this is basically hour access this x-axis and this is our y-axis ok now and there is a potential difference V is applied between these two and Sofia be values given as to be now the arc of radius of A and B respectively are shown in the figure so basically this is shown in the figure we need to find the magnitude of the force experienced by the arc ml what is this Aaj Hamen experiencing the force ok now for this case letters for what would be the direction of the magnetic field so current is

out of the plane of paper this is our white and this is a Forex ok like this now what is the direction of the current current is going like this I will be the magnetic field due to circular like this ok not in this portion and what would be the direction of the magnetic field it would be like this like this this is the direction of the magnetic field ok now what will be the direction of the current so let's say this because at a higher value at a higher potential would be coming like this like this ok it will be going here ok now in this element in this element and the direction of current the direction of current in the direction of magnetic field is same as what would be the value of foods we know that force is given as i l cross be ok if we expand as it would be ideal b sign of theta theta is the angle between what angle between the line element and other magnetic field so the this line element would be in this Direction This is a vector and b is also in this direction so what

is the angle angle is 30 what is the value of sin 000 that means our food should be equal to zero so which option will be correct option a option is the correct option in our case so hope you understood this explanation thank you

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