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In YDSE, separation between sl...

In YDSE, separation between slits is 0.15 mm, distance between slits and screen is 1.5 m and wavelength of light is 589 nm, then fringe width is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

4.9 mm5.9 mm3.9 mm6.9 mm

Answer : 5.9


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why DC separation between Slate is point 15 mm distance between the Slate and the screen is 1.5 m to the light is to find out if you see the diagram in the widest experiment this is the diagram so if you see her the here is the distance between the Slate is given as zero 0.15 mm 0.15 mm the distance between the screen and this is D is given here 1.5 m and land of the light wavelength of the light is 589 am I have to find out the print with

this experiment on this screen maxima and minima so the distance between two consecutive is called as rate difference with is equals to Lambda date small cylinder is 589 NM and capital lease best and small D is this will be the front with so if you will calculate this will get 5.9 into 10 to the power minus 3 equal to 5.9 and this will be the fringe width