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In YDSE, separation between sl...

In YDSE, separation between slits is 0.15 mm, distance between slits and screen is 1.5 m and wavelength of light is 589 nm, then fringe width is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : NA


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hello the problem states that in producing setup separation between the state and 15 at the distance between the slit and there is 1.5 the president of the lighting is 15 and so we are given with the standard by DSS in which distance between funny dubbing distance between the slit and history chapter 3 given to us so we have to find two consecutive maximum Sony

laptop 589 NM 589 10 to the power minus 9 all the values in the SI unit operation between the slit and the screen was defeated by 47 55035 89

1.5 into 10 power minus 5 bhaiya so 25 -1 can be written 559 21.5 mm so that is again 1535 8910 5.89 production and that can be approximated that 5.9