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Class 11






Laws Of Motion


In the arrangement shown in th...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Let acceleration of `m` be `a_(1)` (absolute) and that of `M` be `a_(2)` (absolute). <br> Writing equations of motion only in the direction <img src="" width="80%"> <br> For `m` `mg cos prop -N =ma_(1)` …(i) <br> For `M`. `N sin prop = ma_(2)` …(ii)

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arrangement shown in figure rod of mass Mall M held by two balls remains always perpendicular to the surface of the of mass capital M all surfaces are frictionless find acceleration of rod and and veg to basically if this is a which it will experience in this direction due to a rod of mass in this is into and then it will experience gravitational force due to its own weight that is in right now then you will experience by the ground that is and one ok these are the forces acting on Mars

capital in which will cause its motion in this direction let anyone the acceleration of Reg and a to be the acceleration of rod ok so visual movements Aarakshan due to force in this direction and this week with acceleration A1 draw FB dp for road it will experience it will experience normal in the start that that is perpendicular to the plane and it's that does not experience of gravitational force in download direction that is MG and will experience forces by the walls because we are not required not required not required along

accelerate in download addition because it is held by the plate so it cannot move in this direction so it will this direction in the selection at say it accelerates with acceleration a ok now this angle is Alpha Alpha Alpha and this angle will be that is this angle is alpha ok now if we write equation for rod rod equation will be it will be accelerating in the star action so that will be component of gravitational force in the sky

MG cos alpha minus and tourism will be equal to M into acceleration but I'm a to Pata Alpha minus into that is normal experienced by this should be equal to M into a to the acceleration of the rock status ok that is it gives us into our MG cost Alpha minus M8 the first equation write equation for veg veg will accelerate in the Start action force acting on haul direction only and to sin alpha so we can write into sin alpha is equal to mass of veg

10000 second equation alright third equation will be alright its components in vertical direction so we can say that anyone is balanced by into cos alpha + MG right and Y is equal to + into cos alpha will use constraint equation equation that is if both a to is acting in this direction and a one is acting in this direction right now

we know this is a perpendicular and letters throw away the city which this angle is alpha so this Angle B 90 minus alpha and because it is perpendicular to it be Alpha now will be 90 - justice A1 and A2 so from here we can write cos 90 minus Alpha is equal to a 1843 equation that cos 90 minus Alpha is a one upon a to write equal to A1 A2 right sin alpha is equal to a 1 upon 2 is a 1 =

a to sin alpha from second equation that N2 is equal to M A one upon sin alpha and forth equation is a one is a to sin alpha indirectly right in two hours into is equal to M2 question second hand sunao from 50 creation and first equation if you put expression of N2 in our first equation we will get ma2 = MG cos alpha

ma2 from your we can get expression of acceleration of veg as a 2 = MG cos alpha capital M + will be the acceleration of wedge and similarly acceleration of rod so sorry to was an acceleration of rods of this is the acceleration of rod similarly a one that is acceleration of which is a to sign out from all constraint equation and we can write a one that acceleration of veg are MG cos alpha sin alpha upon capital M plus 4 final equation thank you

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