In parallel combination of resistances :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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p.d. is same across each resistancetotal resistance is increasedcurrent is same in each resistance all above are true.

Answer :
Solution :
p.d. is same across each resistance


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hello guesstimate questions in parallel combination of resistance which of the correct and current frame in IT return for all above what to draw the circuit which represent parallel combination circuit will be this sun distance Bigg Boss arrestance R1 and R2 which are connected in parallel and they both are connected to a battery which have a potential difference of V sunaiye Bhakti Bhavan near is zero but

now there is no registered in between this wire to the potential here is also we and similarly there is no resistance in this wire to the potential near is also zero figure the potential difference here also because there is no resistance in the potential difference across and potential difference across our Cruise also be predicted that potential difference is same across different first Bani potential difference same for urban and auto competition we can say that potential difference is same as the first one point that is total resistance is Vinod in parallel in parallel combination how the resistance R are effective for

net resistance calculator to calculate 1 byte is equal to 1 by 1 + 1 by auto ab after solving it comes out to be one or two upon 1 + cot a is always there to ab R1 R2 always smaller than smaller than both of the races that is R1 and R2 are connected in parallel combination are will be always smaller than our modern auto more than two resistance or any resistance connected in parallel then there are in parallel combination will be always Mall at that everyone understands that is connected in parallel to understand much but let us understand

this with an example example programs and let us take the value of almonds 48219 calculating net what will be added in parallel it will be going to 94 suit will be 5 tarikh 4.54 plus 5 what it comes out to be 20 by 92 point to point something it always smaller than both positive and pipe cancer that are in parallel resistance it always is smaller than each and every individual register that is present in parallel combination of resistance is decreased the total resistance that are net

decreased not increase crop discuss about Karan to what is the value of current in our current in urban will be potential difference across our 1 / resistance of urban what is the potential difference across it is and what is the first organ what is current in secondary correct in potential difference across or two that is auto what is potential difference across a tool that is be and what is resistance offered to auto both are same in each end of a long

frock thank you guys

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