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Class 12






Magnetic Field Due To Current


In a coaxial, straight cable, ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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in this problem we have given in a coaxial straight cable the central conductor and the outer conductor carry equal currents in opposite direction the magnetic field is zero at which place first of all we I am going to draw the inner cable to the sage inner cable ok which is solid this is a solid cable and there is a current I know there is also also an also an outer conductor I am drawing the another conductor like this which is like this draw the diagram ok ok so this is the outer conductor ok and for the outer conductor there is a hollow gap between these two

and there is opposite direction of current on the outer conductor now we have to find the magnetic to solve this question we will use a circuital law for this solid conductor I am going to draw cross I current students is the direction is opposite to for outer conductor top view can be given as the direction of current will be this is no I am going to form a form in a loop which is outside the low low this is a low this is a loop and as we know that a zoo could have some directions to just I am imaging imaging the direction of the a slow according to a according to a we know that

the line integral of b.dl equals to Mu not in the eye in is the inside current of the a true if I am going to find out the magnetic field at point P which is outside the the both via then the close integral of B.Ed Cedar this is at a radius of small R2 b.dl can be written as Mu not in can be written as if we are going to consider cross I current as positive ok cross I currently have Karan as negative then cross I do if we cross if we assume that i h positive and process negative through both will opposite opposite to each other to I - I will be there as for I in and near b.dl can be written as 25 are equal to Mu not equal

new not in 20 new not in 2022 from here the magnetic field outside at point P will be = 20 Pro due to this via this combination of via the outside magnetic field will be 0 to the answer will be outside the cable thank you

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