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Class 12






Reflection Of Light


If an object is palced between...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A::B::C
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `I_(3)` is the image of` I_(2)` from mirror `M_(1)` similarly `I_(4)` is the image if `I_(1)` from mirror` M_(2)`. <br> `(OI)_(3)=(OI)_(4)=4b.`

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so in this question there is a object that is placed between two parallel Mirrors ok and an infinite number of images results in this case and that the mirror are at a distance to be apart as you can see here this is the distance to be and the object is put at the midpoint this is the object ok and we had to find the distance of image from the object to be there are four different object so I 11 I do it and I phone ok so let me tell you one thing that i1 and I2 image image of object itself ok itself

is the image of agency it is at 3D from this mirror ok so I 3 is the image of this I to ok so I 3 is the age of of this is iPhone at this iPhone is at a distance 3D so when you go I can say that I 4 is the image of the distance of email from the object that is we need to calculate will it to calculate one that will be equal to that is this so even though I will this will be equal to O2 that is this distance

ok i1 and I2 will be equal to this be this that will be equal to to be so you can say that the image 1 image 2 will be at a distance to be from the object OK when we calculate i3 that is when we calculate the distance that is the distance or similar in this site so I 4 will get the same result similar results in a way that is core i3 will be equal to 4 and you can see the distance will be this 3b plus this ok that will be equal to 4 p.m. got all the distance of the image and object that is object a distance with the event and it will

and object distance with i3 and iPhone will be put to that's all for this question guys thank you

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