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Class 11






Simple Harmonic Motion


Find the displacement equation...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : The resultant equation is , <br> `x=A "sin"(omegat+phi)` <br> `sumA_(x)=2+4 "cos" 30^(@)+6 "cos"60^(@)=8.46` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> and `sumA_(y)=4 "sin"30^(@)+6 "sin"60^(@)=7.2` <br> `therefore A=sqrt((sumA_(x))^(2)+(sumA_(y))^(2))` <br> `=sqrt((8.46)^(2)+(7.2)^(2))=11.25` <br> and `tanphi=(sumA_(y))/(sumA_(x))=(7.2)/(8.46)=085` <br> or `phi=tan^(-1)(0.85)=40.4^(@)` <br> Thus, the displacement equation of the combined motion is, <br> `x=A"sin"(omegat+phi)` <br> `x=11.25 "sin"(omegat+phi)` <br> where `phi=40.4^(@)`


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find displacement equation of the simple harmonic motion obtained by combining these motion text to Sin Omega T X2 is 45 Omega T + 5 by 6 10669 Omega T + 5 by 3 exam is text oneplus x 2 + 60 now you can see all the sitting in same same angular frequency result in Ocean will be also any given by the equation Omega T + theta theta is the let's a patient is constant of the resultant motion for reconsideration motion will also need to find out here and now that we require special diagram so we can say to have this constant and zero so

we can take your to will be lying on the 664 amplitude here has been considered as plus 58604 here will be line at an angle + 5 by 6 will accept and we can see a 600 space caused by 2006 villai at phase constant of plus 5833 not resolving this two component along to excess excess and why it's so we can say that to let's 84 Kos 38 IS 456 and we can see here that in the water there is no sign in similar manner we can see it that for 6 year there is 6 course of bye-bye see and hear in y-axis there is

sign of frequency using let se cos30 as root 3 by 2 root 2 root 3 cos 68123 next science Ch 1 by 2 so this is true and science 16352 so this comes as let sit 3 root under free so now we can see that two plus 3/5 and 2/3 are let se 5 + 2 root 3 is the resultant along x-axis and presented along y-axis 2 + we can save your 3 root 3 cloud using the vector concept of parallelogram law of vector addition the resultant amplitude comes along the best at a constant even I M so here can be written as under root of a square that is here to plus we can say 3

people's square + 33 whole square + we can say 5 + 2 root 3 whole square now or not in the brackets this comes 4 + 9 season 27 + 6 into 212 root 3 + year is 25 + 432 X + 3 root 3 and this on simplification comes out 427 3131 and 5660 let se 1268 + this can be written as 32 root under this is the resultant amplitude and can be considered tan theta tan theta comes out to be a let se 2 + root 3 perpendicular base 2 + 3 root 3

2 + 3 root 3 is 5 + 2 root 3 then comes out to be tan inverse of weak acid 2 + 3 root 3 divided in the denominator is 5 + 2 root 3 is this on simplification concert 11.25 and their anger comes as a result the displacement equation can be returns exam equal to year result attitude we have as 11.5 sign of 8253 compass 40.4 3 result displacement equation is this out answer


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