Consider <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V03_C04_E01_143_Q01.png" width="80%">. <br> The condition for which the potential difference between A and B is zero is.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`C_(1)C_(2)=C_(3)C_(4)` `C_(1)C_(4)=C_(2)C_(3)` `C_(1)C_(3)=C_(2)C_(4)` none of these

Answer :
Solution :
Let charge be as shown. (Capacitors in series have the same the charge.) <br> Taking loop containing `C_(1),C_(2),` and `E`, we get <br> `q/C_(1)+q/C_(2)-E=0` or `q=E[(C_(1)C_(2))/(C_(1)+C_(2))]` <br> Similarly, from loop containing `C_(3), C_(4)`, and `E`, we get <br> `(q')/C_(3)+(q')/C_(4)-E=0` or `q'=E[(C_(3)C_(4))/(C_(3)+C_(4))]` <br> Now, `V_(A)-V_(B)=q/C_(2)-(q')/C` <br> `=E[C_(1)/(C_(1)+C_(2))-C_(3)/(C_(3)+C_(4))]` <br> `=E[(C_(1)C_(4)-C_(3)C_(2))/((C_(1)+C_(2))(C_(3)+C_(4)))]` <br> Now `V_(A)-V_(B)=ErArrC_(1)C_(4)-C_(2)C_(3)=0` <br> or `C_(1)/C_(2)=C_(3)/V_(4)`.


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hello everyone suprabhat question for today latest first in the question consider the following circuit which has been given the condition for which the potential difference between points A and B is zero is what the first of all we should analyse the circuit we see that charges on 7 feet were given us you can charge on C2 and C3 and C4 has been issued first should first identified q and production the packet when the battery is of visit C3 C4 and C3 to earn free respectively the festival will calculate the equivalent capacitance of the circuit which will be equal to 31 32 / 7 + 32 + 33433 + people have these combinations are in parallel with each other

here is the street from here you can find the unit from the battery unit is equal to which are the m m / speak you also need to find the queue you will be equal to unit into EQ of above HSC 12 / 1 + 32 / the equivalent capacitance distance cute family lekin calculate unit into 4 divided by 3 + 3 4 / now look at the circuit we can write BA - potential

drop across 32 - potential drop across 34 is equal to be alright v a minus b b is equal to BC to my bc547 because then we go from here to their guests will have a positive charge and this will have negative charge so there will be a drop but fifo this will have a positive charge on the left and and negative on the right and forehead will be increased now will write this this will be equal to Q / C2 plus you dash / will be u divided by 2 + 2 / 4q and q a calculated we will get it will be unit into even / 7 plus 32 /

my name is equal to unit unit into 33/33 + P 4 / PQ unit and cq comment from here we will get unit divided by 2 into 1 by 1 + 32 - 3 3 3 3 + 4 is equal to zero has been giving the question that we a minus b is equal to Rio from here we can learn the right even divided by 1 + 32 is equal to 3 divided by 3 + 4 cos x will get t1c 3 + 3 1st 42 equal to

oneplus 3233 we can cancel this will be getting you want 34 reequil 23233 this will be the condition when we minus y equal to zero at this will also be the condition for be balanced wheatstone Bridge latest check which option in the question matches that option number de 5154 equal to 32 33 which should be correct thank you

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