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Class 12






Simple Harmonic Motion


Column I gives a listof possib...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A-P,S;B-Q,S;C-S;D-Q
Solution : A-P,S,B-Q,S,C-S,D-Q <br> (A) Potential energy is minimum at mean position. <b r> (B) For a=constant, `s=ut+(1)/(2)at^)(2)` -option(S) <br> ( C) `R=(v^(2)sin2theta)/(g)` therefore `R propv^(2)`-option (S) <br> `T=2pisqrt((l)/(g))` because `T^(2)propl`-option(Q)

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hello let's try to solve the given we have match the column type in the problem so we have some letters try to match them one by the first that we are mentioned in the call of the potential energy of a simple pendulum as a function of displacement that simple pendulum perform simple perform simple harmonic motion simple pendulum perform SHM SHM what is the formula for its potential energy the formula for its potential energy is simply msd mass omega square

x is this is the formula for its potential energy now we have to plot the graph that is potential energy of the y-axis and we have to plot the graph taking the potential energy on the y-axis we are taking potential energy and the displacement here that if we take this as a variable by the displacement as a variable X so we can see here that why is proportional to x square so this graph will be simply put it simply means that option A matches with option A matches with option S now let's move on to the next part is that the displacement as a function of time for one dimensional motion at zero or constant acceleration when the body is moving along the along the positive x x

is equals to X not class definition class that when the acceleration is zero light show the body moves with constant speed the graph there can be a graph of x is equals to X + UT so you can see from here that X is directly proportional to write if there is an initial displacement so the graph will be linear but it will start from some points A exe not this can be X not so one option can be simply are also if the initial displacement is zero and the acceleration is zero acceleration is zero equation will come and let us take the initial displacement is also zero so then what will be

x x is equals to UT so the graph below starts from the origin rights of you is also would prove to be now when it moves with a constant acceleration then we can simply see that this with a constant acceleration then we can see that X will be = X not plus UT plus half a t square so you can see that this is displacement and this is time so then in that case X is proportional to the highest power can see that the variation will again the parabolic so this will also be the option as now let's try to find out for other next we have to find for the range of projectile at fixed angles what is the formula for range of projectile are is simply equals to use per Prime 2 theta divided by the theatre is fixtures constant R is directly

proportional to use per know if we plot the graph B such that we take our here take our hair and velocity here again this will be simply a parabola can see that this will be a parabola like this so for see what we have foresee we have a gain S now let's check out the time period of the simple pendulum so the time period what is the formula for time period of simple pendulum under root l / this is the formula for pendulum write square and square and Square this simply equals to this is l / you can see that if the square is directly proportional to L so if we take

square feet square on this Access on this access it will simply be a straight line passing from the origin we can see that will be the courage to be found out all the grass Tum I hope you got the explanation thank you

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