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Coherent Sources...

Coherent Sources


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Avengers fight we will be discussing about coronavirus sources ok so basically these are the sources which can EMIT continuous it take an Amit continuous light which country news lightwave ok light and these will be of frequency wavelength and constant says that is there a limit light thus of time it and wavelength and with constant phase constant that is there are two different sources ok and both of the sources have same frequency as well as well as and there is it like to work with a constant then these two sources sources

condition to sources will be Singh now the conditions to the conditions to help coronavirus OK so the first criteria on the first two sources that we can have a coherent sources by using a single light source only ok how it will be done one way is to 2 is to obtain a cover and sources is that we can use a single source a single soul ok can do what we can have a source itself and it one of the image so this can be done by using one source one and it image image image can be real or virtual ok and it can be the case that both of the sources

image only ok so this is possible let me show you how it can be done let's this lets hear that this is a source here this is so now let's say there is a mirror is a plane mirror as you can see and there is a reflection of this source in the mirror it tells ok latest justice and will be coherent sources we can say that in this case and acted as will be coherent sources will be coherent sources ok current sources now there is also another way of producing to current lights of having two coherent sources and that is another way to achieve sources that to use a source which emits ko

which emits monochromatic light rays monochromatic light rays ok if you don't know about monochromatic erase these are the rays which have we can say which have single wavelength or single frequency ok if you remember the case of literacy in to keep ok beautiful source hair ok and then will we get two different inlets ok and we use that inlets as we also a we also it as a slit experiment ok so 338 experiment I'll show you how are the arrangement of wide as you can see these are the two slits ok different look and this is the country it so you know that the wavelength at the split ok at as a secondary violent and secondary wavelets ok and thus they will the sources that

at this point and at this point This will produce Torrent light rays ok so this at the end of this is another way to say that is the use of monochromatic radiation experiment for y d acid fermentation double slit experiment of a table can define coherent sources that these are the sources which EMIT continuous light waves which have same frequency same wavelength and constant Facebook and the conditions we are here is that a single from single source will be coherent in nature and to obtain that we can also use it to the source image Chandi cases in which we use a tour of the image on the same source ok so that and this case is that it with the help of a plane mirror also ok

CS cases that we can use monochromatic light rays ok aur monochromatic source to obtain current sources that will for this question nice thank you