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An object A of mass m with ini...

An object A of mass `m` with initial velocity `u` collides with a statinary object B after elestic collision A moves with `(u)/(4)` calculate mass of B.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello everyone at Tata question set of mass M with elastic collision moves with you by 4 calculate mass of 7 MI 5A MI 59 MI 5 and 4 MI fight if he is in this case it's this point it's it is a person having mass 2G versity of and diversity of vs zero ok so after elastic collision after elastic collision the velocity of a become Yuva

4 virus for B.Ed becomes we ok so if we apply before applying the Conservation of Linear Momentum which we know that the velocity of you will be B minus 2 by 4 ok now so from here we can say that we is equal to 5 by 5 you by 4 so variety of 5 by 4 times of B in history of now playing the conservation of momentum we can write we can write

bhai on reservation of momentum before and after collision M1 you plus M2 and the velocity of the initially was 0 x 0 = 21 Into You by 4 which is given and M2 in to be which we already calculated now if we solve this will get you this will be zero is equal to or if you hear one side

there is a new and other side also this UI course if we take one UI for to the left hand side will be - I will be changed so this is one Into You by 4 and from the right side and what what will be left it will be M2 into we also know that we so we can put in terms of you that is by you by 4 and here if you take the common I am one so we can write you -2 gai hai we can write M1 and if you take LCM of this and 144 you I love you

yaar in 25 you why if you solve further will get a one this will be for you - you that is 3 by 4 and and this side bm25 you so this you and this you what are cancelled out and this 4 and this for both are cancelled out so what we can write 3M on equal to 5 M2 but we need to find out the I am too so what we can write a equal to 3 by 5 so if you option free Wi-Fi p.m. this one is the correct answer so here

mass of these techniques and so we can write instead of M1 we can write 3 by 5 correct answer is answer is 3 by I am thank you

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