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Properties Of Bulk Matter


A wooden cube floating in wate...

A wooden cube floating in water supports a mass 0.2 kg on its top. When the mass is removed the cube rises by 2cm. What is the side legnth of the cube ? Density of water `= 10^3 kg//m^3`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : 10 cm
Solution : Decrease in weight = decrease in upthrust <br> `:. Mg = V rho_w g` <br> or `m = V rho_w` <br> or `0.2 = (2xx10^(-2)Axx10^3)`<br> where A is the area of the base of cube. Then, `A = 10^(-2) m^2 = 100 cm^2` <br> Side of the cube, `L = sqrtA = sqrt(100) = 10 cm`


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