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Class 12






Gaseous State & Thermodynamics


A vessel of volume 50 litre co...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a)` 1. 51" mole"`(b)`1. 63 " mole"`(c)`1.98 " mole"`(d)`1.78 " mole"`

Answer : D
Solution : `{:("In itially:","PV = nRT"),("Finally ","P'V n 'RT"):}}_("subtract ")rArr (P- P')V = (n-n')RT` <br> `rArr " "` no. of moles leak out `= ((P- P')V)/(RT) = (0.8 xx50 )/(0.0821 xx273) = 1.78`

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hello students to devar question is a vessel of volume 50 litre container an ideal gas at 0 degree Celsius a portion of the gas is allowed to leak out from it under isothermal condition so that the pressure inside fall by 10.8 atmosphere the number of moles of gas leaked out is nearly a b c d option is given here so we have to find which option is correct for the solution of this question is we have the initially pressure and volume is equals to so we can write a initially pressure and volume is equal to nrt and is number of moles and are anti here and finally we have PV we have finally pressure is speed and Vedas of this is an and dash and aati hai so from this week and if we subtract this so we get P -

this is FYI and we have the pressure is change volume remains same so we get volume and this is P - feeders and this is Aarti Karti common here so we have and minor send a share so from this number of moles leaked out so these are equal to 0.0 into 50 we have volume is 50 and Rs and we have our value of R is constant that is 0.0.0 82

737 solving this we get number of moles is equals to 1.78 mall here so this is our answer now we check which option is correct option d is correct thank you

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