A thin spherical conducting shell of radius R has a charge q. Another charge Q is placed at the centre of the shell. The electrostatic potential at a point P a distance R/2 from the centre of the shell is


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hello student Agar question in conducting shell of radius capital small centre of the cell the electrostatic potential at point a distance R by 2 from the centre of the shell if we have to consider the situation and the diagram corresponding to the situation will be supposed this is our shelf Centre there will be a charge of you here and a charge of molecule on the shelf and we are to find the potential at a distance of Harbour to from centre suppose this point is P and this ok now what we do here
we write be at point P is there will be to potential 1 by charge to write P by 4 and there will be another potential by spherical shell to write the by shall we buy charge will be simply it will be kick you by distance distance is how much are by to it will be r.y.k. will be how much if we convert it into 45 Sal now ready 453 not into are divided into two ok so this will be like this and other we do to shell so we know that video to shell inside the cell will remain constant and it will be how much if you're right it it will be
b h l it will be a and K V directly converted into 4 Pi Epsilon Not what is the charge on the shelf it is small cube into Radian fishes are after this if we add this to to find BP sugar PP will be BTech 4 Pi Epsilon Not are common so it will be a few places molecule and upon 4 Pi Epsilon naught are in this is our potential at point P and this is our answer to the correct option will be which one it will be over the last option

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