<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/ALN_PHY_C08(I)_E01_234_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> A thin horizontal disc of radius R=10cm is located with in a cylindrical cavity filled with oil whose viscosity `eta=0.08`P (figure) The distance between the disc and the horizontal planes of the cavity is equal to `h=1.0` mm find the power developed by the viscous forces acting ont he disc when it rotates with the angular velocity `omega=60rad//s`. The end effect are to be neglected.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
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let's try to solve the given set a disc of radius 10cm corsetti the distance between the disc and the horizontal plane of the cavities h&h is given as one acting on the day rotates latest draw a diagram for better understanding of this so that this is simply vertical surface in between this is the disc and What happens is that the

liquid is simplified in this entire space like this understand why this will develop some about this access latest try to understand what will happen here this is simply which is what will happen to the surface of this that the velocity of the equal to zero the velocity of the year in contact with this city centre distance smaller let us say that it is at a distance a smaller should have some velocity equals to Army so this liquid simply rotate with that is why the upper liquid simply stationary frequency that

same velocity gradient tool developed in the lives of the liquid due to which they will be viscous force now there will be some of the top and you to understand when you see from the top they will be some element then what will happen if translated in the radius of Earth from this action will be the velocity of all the elements used in treating now what we can do is that we can find out what are the viscous forces acting on this how to find out the best approach we found found out the viscous force by using Newton's

formula of viscosity into area of this element into the velocity gradient write what is the velocity gradient Descent / h letters take this distance from here to there this and find out the velocity gradient Reason from here you can see that the velocity there is nothing but it is and the velocity at the top surface but at this point write the velocity and the velocity will be sent please give the velocity is simply are Omega and you can see that this is me and this is it if you find out the velocity gradient still be divided by then h this will be our Omega /

try to put the area of the YouTube by R R into Omega are divided by H find the total force and the total death in the total force will be simply nothing but this is 2 into 2 into this is 2 Pi R Square into Omega / find out the power of a force can find out the power of the total of the power of this viscous force total total directions on the side of the city

to find out the total force by velocity you are going to get into into into into Omega of the week and write our Omega sunao latest call data is the power developed in this element to get the total Power Rangers these parameters are simply so we take them out this is nothing but this is 45 into metre into SS / all these parameters will be

going to get if we are going to write so the total power will be simply nothing but this will be 45 omega square divided by H2 S o4 and remember to put in place of coefficient of viscosity by having given in voice so we have to put it in and into what is tell me the question 10th

0.2 power is given to us as one of them what you are going to get its total power nothing but this is because this is the total power level rotation of the day I hope you understand and explanation thank you

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