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A solid sphere of mass M and r...

A solid sphere of mass M and radius R has a spherical cavity of radius R/2 such that the centre of cavity is at a distance R/2 from the centre of the sphere. A point mass `m` is placed inside the cavity at a distanace R/4 from the centre of sphere. The gravitational force on mass `m` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(11GMm)/(R^(2))``(14 GMm)/(R^(2))``(GMm)/(2R^(2))``(GMm)/(R^(2))`

Answer : C
Solution : Field strength is uniform inside the cavity. Let us find at its centre <br> `E_(T)=E_(R)+E_(C)` (T = Total, R = Remaining, C = Cavity) <br> `:. E_(R)=E_(T)-E_(C)` <br> `=(GM)/(R^(3))(R)/(2)-0=(GM)/(2R^(2))` <br> `:. F=mF_(R)=(GMm)/(2R^(2))`.


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hello friend kitne radius R has to cavity of radius R by 2 touch that control cavity is at a distance R by 2 from the centre of sphere a point mass M is placed inside the cavity at a distance R by 4 from the centre of the sphere ok the gravitational force on Mars and if so please send uniform inside the cavity you know that friend is uniform karaoke show me total is equal to VR Plus music what is the total output T4 total electrical stunt ok and akur meaning

patient and T4 cavity total remaining + cavity ok from here it is equal to total cavity OK you know that you're totally m r square do a better to -0 ok equal to M / this is MBR Kintu are my to ok to are so a f is equal to M into fr4 so embedded into 24 ok option C is the correct answer

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