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<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/FIT_JEE_CRT_P1_E01_204_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> A solid cylinder of mass M is attached to the spring by means of a frintionless pivot. The cylinder is placed on floor. Find the time period of small oscillation of the system, if the floor is sufficiently rought to prevent any slipping of cylinder. Assume stiffness of spring to be K.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Let the cylinder is slightly displaced from mean position <br> the total energy of the system when elongation in spring is x. <br> `E=(1)/(2)kx^(2)+(1)/(2)Mv^(2)+(1)/(2)xx((1)/(2)MR^(2))omega^(2)` <br> Differentiating the above expression we get <br> `2kx(dx)/(dt)+M2v(dv)/(dt)+(1)/(2)MR^(2)(2v)/(R^(2))(dv)/(dt)=0` <br> `2kx+(2M+M)(dv)/(dt)=0` <br> `(dv)/(dt)=-((2K)/(3M))x` <br> `T=2pisqrt((3M)/(2k))`


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hello Google of the cylinder is placed on the floor the time period of small oscillation of the system in the story of the cylinder of the string to string to be key to see you at any instant Placement in the spring and it is rolling purely and is having some velocity v and Omega since it is pure rolling point of contact will be address Omega Omega will be equal to this is a solid cylinder has Total energy energy with because of translation it will be having this much kinetic energy because of rotation I Omega

just if I write down it will be equals to how much square you see here it will be Emaar square by 2 is a square by two for the cylinder and Omega is V square by as you can see from this will be and this will get so I could write down it as it is to by 4 + 1 by 4 by 4 both side and we know that in SHM the net energy remains conserved so DVD 2019

DX by DT plus 4 m is equal to zero days validity and we will get cancelled out and you will also get cancelled out so if you see I will lie down and into DB by DT that is a is equals to 4 by 3 then this is the force only took a lot of proportionality constant we can just write down the time period is to buy under root M bi proportionality constant option so if you see is the correct thank you

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