Updated on:30/05/2023

A series L-C-R circuit is operated at resonance . Then


लिखित उत्तर

voltage across R is minimum
impedance is minimum
impedance is maximum
current amplitude is minimum
The correct Answer is B


Asin is operated at present then we have for options voltage across our is minimum impedance is minimum impedance is maximum and current altitude is minimum so we have equation for impedance as the impedance Z is equal to R square + X - 60 under root CEO at resonance we have is equal to get then we have Z is equal to know if that is equal to are then present value is meaning to be have Z as the minimum why do we have the correct as I am S is equal to brms / vrms / gift
I ask you Z is minimum then why is thanks inferences meaning of Pisa statement and produces maximum is a false statement current amplitude is minimise a false statement and the voltage across we are remind Singh first option is also enhanced correct answer for the above question is option that is impedance


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