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Class 12






Electromagnetic Induction


a semicircle wire of radius R ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`B omega R^(2)//2``2 B omega R^(2)`is variable None of these

Answer : B
Solution : Here effective length is `2R` <br> `epsilon=1/2Bomega(2R)^(2)=2BomegaR^(2)`

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hello students today our question is a semicircle wire of the radius R is rotated with the constant angular velocity about the axis passing through one end and perpendicular to the plane of wire and there is a uniform magnetic field of France B and the induced EMF between the end is so we have that this is our magnetic field and this is our semicircle bhaiya so we can name it as this is me and this is Q and this is are so we have four options are given as we have to find the correct option so the solution of this question is we can say that induced emotional that is the EMF in pqr and pqr is equal

land to equivalent to the motional that is the motional EMF in an imaginary wire that is H PR this is our imaginary wire so we have the EMF in the pqr is equal to EMF in the PR so we know that in the pqr is equal to Half A uniform magnetic field that is beyond Mega is angular velocity that is given to us in the question angular velocity Omega and we had the elsewhere that is the length squares of for this we have this length is this imaginary length is this is our that is equals to 2

that is equals to our diameters of we have the Alice towards we are the induced EMF that is pqr is equal to or in the PR is equal to half be omega square that is 4 hours square SO2 and to will cancel out so we get EMF is equals to 2 time of magnetic field Omega and R square we can write a 20 magnetic field is angular velocity is radius and this is the answer for the question thank you

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