A rectangular coil ABCD is rotated anticlockwise with a uniform angular velocity about the axis shown In the fig. the axis of rotation of the coil as well as the magnetic field B are horizontally.the induced emf in the coilwould be minimum when the plane of the coil


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question question safe and rectangular ABC is rotated anticlockwise with uniform angular velocity about its axis of rotation of the Koi as well as the magnetic field PR horizontal induced EMF in the coil would be minimum when the plane of the quiet is the four options so we have this angular velocity which is homemaker and this is the extent and the magnetic field is in the style.css the direction of the magnetic field at this fire protection from this tension this is the access so for this condition this is the access into the plane and this is
magnetic field right so it any point area vector suppose a distraction and angle made by the area vector the magnetic field is supposed teacher we get is flux is equals to cos theta is B.Ed B.Ed cos theta now we know that f is equals to minus 5 by DT sir from this weekend ride is equals to minus 35 Aditi magnetic field in the area vector is constant and differentiation of cos theta minus sin theta theta by dt dt and fired it is omega Supreme this weekend right at EMF
B.Ed Omega we have to find the induced EMF in the coil would be so far the minimum bid at a sin theta the whole top 20 which is the Omega all this term is constant so we can say that that it should be zero at sin theta is equals to Sudhar from this we can see that he does equals to 90 degree right and say that when the angle between area then we get the minimum EMF induced in the coil and see that the correct option in option number St with
is it right angle to the magnetic field that option thank you

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