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A particle starts moving rectilinearly at time t=0 such that its velocity v changes with time t according to the equation v=t^(2)-t, where t is in seconds and v in s^(-1). Find the time interval for which the particle retards.



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Updated On: 5-5-2021

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Solution :
Acceleration of the particle, `vec a=(d vec v)/(dt)=2t-1` <br> The particle retards when acceleration is oppostie to velocity. Hence, acceleration vector and velocity vector should be opposite to each other or the dot product of `vec a` and `vec v` should be negative. <br> `rArr vec a. vec v lt 0` <br> `rArr (2t-1)(t^(2)-t) lt 0` <br> `rArr t (2t-1)(t-1) lt 0` <br> `t` is always positive. <br> `because (2t-1)(t-1) lt 0` <br> `rArr` Either `2t-1 lt 0` or ` t-1 lt 0` <br> `rArr t lt (1)/(2) s` and `t lt 1 s`. This is not possible. <br> or `2t-1 lt 0` and `t-1 lt 0 rArr t g t (1)/(2)s` and `tlt 1 s`. Hencec, the required time interval is `(1)/(2)s g t t g t1 s`.

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