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Class 11






Linear And Angular Simple Harmonic Motion


A particle executing SHM with ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution :  Let `a` be the amplitude of oscillation then evidently <br> `omega = (2 pi)/(T) = pi rad//s`<br> The displlacement equation can betwritten as `x = a sin (pit + phi)` Let, for simplicity, the time be reckoned from the instant when the partical was at its exterme position. <br> Thus, at `t = 0: x = a`. Therefore . <br> `alpha = a sin (phi) implies phi = (pi)/(2)` <br> Let at `t = t_(1), x = a//2`, <br> `:. (a)/(2) = a sin (pi t_(1) = (pi)/(2))` <br> `implies (pi t_(1) = (pi)/(2)) = (5 pi)/(6) implies pi t_(1) = (pi)/(3) implies t_(1) = (1)/(3) s`

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eleganza question is a particle executing SHM with time period of 2 second find the time taken by it to move from one amplitude to half the amplitude position so we have to calculate the time it will take to move from one attitude to half of its amplitude position ok bye have been given the time period of the oscillation as to second hand we know that time period is rated as 25 by Omega that will be equals to 2 seconds from here Omega comes out as by Radian per second Pi Radian per second for a particle executing SHM the displacement equation is given as X is equals to a Sin Omega T ok the displacement is half of its altitude so it will be able to that will be a Sin Omega T where it is the time taken by the particle to which a distance of half of its amplitude from here it will be

256 MB equals to Omega 3 and Omega be a calculated as Pie from here we got the is equals to 1 by 6 seconds thank you

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