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A long straight wire carries a...

A long straight wire carries a charge with linear density `lamda`. A particle of mass m and a charge q is released at a distance r from the the wire. The speed of the particle as it crosses a point distance 2r is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`sqrt((q lamda ln r)/(pi m in_(0)))``sqrt((q lamda ln2)/(pi m in_(0)))``sqrt((q lamda ln2)/(2 pi m in_(0)))``sqrt((q lamda ln2)/(pim in_(0)))`

Answer : B
Solution : Work done by electric field `= q underset(r) overset(2r) (int) (2k lamda)/(r) dr` <br> `=q2 k lamda ln2` <br> `:. 2k lamda ln 2 =(1)/(2)mv^(2)` <br> `v= sqrt((4k lamda qln 2)/(m))=sqrt((lamda q ln 2)/(m piin_(0)))`.


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