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A lift a mass 1200 kg is raise...

A lift a mass 1200 kg is raised from rest by a cable with a tension 1350 kg f . After same time the tension drops to 1000 kg f and the lift comes to rest at a height of 25 m above its intial point (1 kg - f = 9.8 N) What is the height at which the tension changes ?



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Updated On: 24-4-2021

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Text Solution

`10.8 m``12.5 m` `14.3 m` `16 m`

Answer :
Solution :
Acceleration `a_(1) = (1350 xx 9.8 - 1200 xx 9.8)/(1200)` <br> `= 1.225 m//s^(2)` <br> Retardation, `a_(2) = (1200g - 1000g)/(1200)` <br> `= 1.63 m//s^(2)` <br> `h_(1) + h_(2) = 25` …(i) <br> `nu = sqrt(2 a_(1) h_(1))` or `sqrt(2 a_(2) h_(2))` <br> or `2 a_(1) h_(1) = 2 a_(2) h_(2)` <br> `:. (h_(1))/ ( h_(2)) = (a_(2))/(a_(1))` ...(ii) <br> `= (1.63)/(1.225) = 1.33` <br> Solving these equations,we get <br> `h_(1) = 14.3 m`



00:00 - 00:591200 kg is raised from rest bhaiya cable with the tension 1350 after sometime tension drops 2000 KGF and lift comes to rest at a height of 25 m above its initial point 1 Kg is 9.8 Newtons what is the height at which the tension changes ok so basically acceleration A1 will be equal to forces that is 1350 into 9.8 - 1200 Kgs into 9.8 upon total mass that is 1200
01:00 - 01:59acceleration A1 and its value will be equal to 1.2 to 5 metre per second square the acceleration A1 similarly for acceleration A to B audition after that it will be returning it will be equal to 1200 G - 1000 ji again 1230 mass will be equal to 8 to 1.63 M per second square the acceleration and retardation now it will be it is said that it is at a height 25 from initial position as one + H2 that covered during acceleration plus height covered during retardation is 25 and we will be given by under root 2 A1 H1
02:00 - 02:59or it will be equal to 2 under root a2h to get the expression from a sequel to UT plus half a t square and is equals to B T minus half 82a 1h 1 is equal to 282 H2O k&h one upon H2 is equal to a 2 Upon A one that is equal to 1.6 31.25 to the show as 1.3 ok now this is one upon H2 ratio and H1 + H2 = 25 will get h1b = 14.3 M that is the height
03:00 - 03:59at which tension change it is 14.3 M option 3 is the correct answer thank you

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