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Rotational Mechanics


A disc is rotating with angula...

A disc is rotating with angular speed `omega_(1)`. The combined moment of inertia of the disc and its axle is `I_(1)`. A second disc of moment of inertia `I_(2)` is dropped on to the first and ends up rotating with it. Find the angular velocity of the combination if the original angular velocity of the upper disc was (a) zero (b) `omega_(2)` in the same direction as `omega_(1)` and (c) `omega_(2)` in a direction opposite to `omega_(1)`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The total angular momentum of the system before coupling `= |I_(1) vec(omega)_(1) + I_(2) vec(omega)_(2)|` <br> `{:(("The total angular momentum"),("after coupling when they rotate with"),("equal angular velocity")):}=|I_(1) vec(omega) + I_(2) vec(omega)|` <br> Conservation of angular momentum <br> `|(I_(1) + I_(2))vec(omega)| = |I_(1) vec(omega)_(1) + I_(2) vec(omega)_(2)| " "rArr" "omega = (|I_(1)vec(omega)_(1) + I_(2)vec(omega)_(2)|)/((I_(1) + I_(2)))` <br> (a) When `omega_(2) = 0, omega = (omega_(1))/((I_(2)//I_(1))+1)` <br> (b) When `omega_(1) and omega_(2)` are unidirectional, `omega = (I_(1) omega_(1) + I_(2) omega_(2))/((I_(1) + I_(2)))` <br> (c) When `omega_(1) and omega_(2)` are anti - parallel, `omega = (|I_(1) omega_(1) - I_(2) omega_(2)|)/(I_(1) + I_(2))`


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