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Jee Mains 2020


A cylindrical vessel containin...

A cylindrical vessel containing a liquid is rotated about its axis so that the liquid rises at its sides as shown in the figure . The radius of vessel is 5 cm and the angular speed of rotation is ` omega` rad `s^(-1)`. The difference in the height , h ( in cm ) of liquid at the centre of vessel and at the side will be : <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(25 omega^(2))/(2g)``(2 omega^(2))/(25g)``(2 omega^(2))/(5g)``(5 omega^(2))/(2g)`


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hide equation is a cylindrical vessel containing a liquid is rotated about its Axis so that the liquid Rises at its sides as shown in the figure ok so there are given in the figure we have a cylindrical vessel in which liquid is rotated about the axis and the liquid Rises up to a height h it ok if the radius of the vessel is 5 cm find the radius of the base is 5 cm and the angular speed of the rotation is Omega 3 Idiots per second the difference in the height H in CM of liquid at the centre of the west and at the site will be there asked h of the liquid this search Ok no 814 options and many minutes to choose right super questions like this little discuss the key concept that we need to use sofa questions like this Wiki

CI formula is the formula for height of the liquid given by that is equals to R square make a square upon 2G where R is the radius from the centre of earth from the axis vacancy angry class 10 g is the acceleration due to gravity here we need to find Wi-Fi will find why why is taken from bottom so this is our by and as per the question this why is actually H and for this height the radius of the earth will be the radius of the vessel so will substitute all the values to get over answer so why is h r in the question is given as five doesn't CM also great to find 18 cm will put our in centimetres only I will put Rs 5 square

it is not just to make a square divided by 2 ji ok from where we will get at that height of the liquid has 25 omega square upon to ji this is our answer for the question and from our options we can see option number one is correct which says the height is 25 mg to G this is the correct option thank you

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