A coil of 0.01 henry inductance and 1 ohm resistance is connected to 200 volt, 50 Hz ac supply. Find the impedance of the circuit and time lag between max. alternating voltage and current.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
Given, inductance L=0.01 H <br> resistance R = `1Omega`, voltage(V) = 200V <br> and frequency (f)= 50Hz. <br> Impedance of the circuit, `Z = sqrt(R^(2) + X_(L)^(2))` = `sqrt(R^(2) + (2pifL)^(2))` <br> `=sqrt(1^(2)+ (2 xx 3.14 xx 50 xx 0.01)^(2))` <br> `Z= sqrt(10.86) = 3.3 Omega` <br> `tanphi = (omegaL)/(R) = (2pifL)/(R) = (2 xx 3.14 xx 50 xx 0.01)/(1) = 3.14` <br> `phi = tan^(-1)(3.14)=72^(@)` <br> Phase difference `phi=(72 xx pi)/(180)` rad. <br> Time lag between alternating voltage and current <br> `Deltat = phi/(omega) = (72pi)/(180 xx 2phi xx 50) = 1/250`s


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the question is a kind of 0.01 Henry inductance and resistance is connected to 200 old 550 supply of youth and time now rupees maximum voltage hilti.in and connected in series show the selected countries of all the three in CR company at

present Z will be now equal to only and all components are supposed to find acceleration substitute to INR to 3.14 into frequency that it is 50 Hz and inductor inductance of the inductor is given to be 0.01 3.14 homes equation so ZTV equal to our values 11 square is one plus

3.14 square value to be 3.3 course this is the importance of the tube to find out so let me tell you understand the difference in the time between Kitni time different field get different and creation of written as the Delta T and M 25

need to find a value is the difference the difference is always did not understand 5 and 5 equal to r l y no 20.01 divided Council can substituted as 55 will be equal to 25 into 50.0.1 simplify this further into the value of 5 and 5.5 414 which comes out we 72 degrees

in radians there because it is gradient so 72 in 25 by 180 radians will be the 5272 into divided into into into love from the star delta 1 / 250 Asia Khand x 250 s

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