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Class 12






Newtons Laws Of Motion


A block has been placed on an ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`sin theta``cos theta`g`tan theta`

Answer : D
Solution : When the block slides down the plane with a constant speed then the inclination of the plane is equal to angle of repose `(theta)`. <br> Coefficient of friction=tan of the angle of reposed `=tan theta`.

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hello block has been placed on a plane slope angle theta of the play that the block slide down the plane at constant speed the coefficient of kinetic friction is equal to draw the plane like this so hair dress angle theta it is said that the block is sliding down the plane with constant speed it means that the entry sign data and the friction force is equal and if you see the MG will have to component to component along the incline that is undefined and another one is written as

she had a kinetic friction force will act that will be equal to since it is moving with constant speed status new ke times of health directions between UK cos theta now if you see it is moving with constant speed so MG sin theta should be equal to the friction force that is new ke cos theta then just cancel out this and GNM ji and you will get the thank you

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