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A charge q is placed st the centre of a spher. Taking outward normal as positive, find the flux of the electric field through the surface of the sphere due to the enclosed charge.

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Let us take a small element ΔS on the surface of the sphere (Figure 30.3(. The electric field here is radially outward and the magnitude.
where r is the rasius of the sphere. As the positive normal is also outward,θ0 and the flux though this part is
ΔΦ=EΔS=q4πε0r2 DeltaS.<br>Summingoverthepartsofthesphericalsurface,<br>Phi=sumDeltaPhi=q/4Piepsilon_0r^2 sum DeltaS=q/4phir^14ϕr2=qε0.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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