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A convex lens forms a real and inverted image of a pencial at a distance of 60 cm from the lens. The image formed is of the same size as the object. Find the focal length and power of the lens. At what distance is the pencil placed from the lens. ?

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Data : Convex lens, v = 40 cm M = -1, f = ? h1=?,u=?
v = -v = -40 cm
The pencil is placed at 60 cm from the convex lens.
The focal length of the lens = 30 cm
The power of the lens = 3.3 D

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    An object kept at a distance of 30 cm from a lens, has its image formed at 20 cm from the lens and on the same side as the object. What is the focal power of the lens ?

    A1.5 D
    B1.5 D
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