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An aeroplane at an altitude of 1 km flying horizontally at 800 km/hr passes directly over an observer. Find the rate at which it is approaching the observer when it is 1250 metres away from him.

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Let A be the position of aeroplane and B is the position of observer at time t.
Given the altitude of the plane, i.e., OA = 1 km.
Let OB = x, the horizontal distance and AB = y, the actual distance of the aeroplane form the observer at time t.
Then dxdt=800 is the rate at which the aeroplane is moving over an observer and dydt is the rate at which the aeroplane is approaching to the observer.
From the figure,
Differentiating w.r.t. t, we get,
2ydydt=2xdxdt+0 dydt=xy.dxdt ...(2)
When y = 1250 metres =12501000=54 km, then from (1) we get,
2516=x2+1 x2=916 x=34
(2) gives,dydt=(34)(54)×800=35×800=480 km/hr.
the aeroplane is approaching to the observer at the rate of 480 km/hr.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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