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A fightre plane flying horizontally at an altitude oa 1.5km with speed 720h1 passes directly over head an anticraft gun. At what angle from the vertical should the gun be fired from the shell with muzzle speed 600ms1 to hit plane. At what minimum altitude showld the pilot fly the plane to avoid being hit ? ( Take g= 10 ms^(-2)).

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In Fig. (NCT). 24, (O)
be the position of gun and (A) be the position of plane,
The speed of the plance,
The speed of the shell, u=600ms1
Let the shell will hit the plance at (B) after time (T) if fired at and angle θ with the vertical from (O). Then the horizontal distance travelled by shell in time (t) is the same as the distance covered by the plane ltBrgt i.e., ux×tvt or usinθt=vt
or sinθ=vu=200600=13=0.333=sin19.5 or θ=19.52 with the vertical
The maximum height attained by bullet is,
H=u2sin2(90θ))2g=)u2cos2θ)2g [ :. sin theta = 1//3 , cos theta = sqrt 8//3 ]<br> = ( ( 600)^@ xx ( sqrt 8 / 30^2)/( 2 xx 10) = 1600 m = 16 km <br>Theplancewill¬behitbytheb––tomthegunifitisflygataminiμmheightwhichismorethanthemaxiμmheight(H)aatedbyb––tafterfirgomgun(i.e,>16km).

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