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Three non - zero vectors ¯a,¯b,¯c are complanar if and only if there exist scalars x,y,z, not all zero simultaneously such that x¯a+y¯b+z¯c=¯0.

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Let ¯a,¯b,¯c be coplanar vectors. Then any one of them, say ¯a, will be the linear combination of ¯band¯c.
there exist scalars αandβ such that
where x=1,y=α,z=β which are not all zero simultaneously.
Conversely : Let there exist scalars x,y,z not all zero such that
x¯a+y¯b+z¯c=¯0 . . . (1)
Let x0, then divide (1) by s, we get
i.e.,¯a=α¯b+β¯c, where α=yxandβ=zx are scalars.
¯a is the linear combination of ¯band¯c.
Hence, ¯a,¯b,¯c are coplanar.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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