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If the points A(3,0,p),B(-1,q,3) and C(-3,3,0) are collinear, then find
(1) the ratio in which the points C divides the line segment AB
(2) the value of p and q.

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Let ¯a,¯b and bar(c) be the position vectors of A, B and C respectively.
Then ¯a=3ˆi+0ˆj+pˆk,¯b=ˆi+qˆj+3ˆk and ¯c=3ˆi+0ˆk.
(1) As the points A,B,C are collinear, suppose the points C divides line segment AB in the ratio λ:1.
by the section formula,
By equality of vectors, we have,
3(λ+1)=λ+3 . . . (1)
3(λ+1)=λq . . . (2)
0=3λ+p . . . (3)
From equation (1) 3λ3=λ+3
2λ=6 λ=3
C divides segment AB externally in the ratio 3:1.
(2) Putting lmda=3 in equation (2) we get,
6=3q q=2
Also, putting λ=3 in equation (3), we get,
0=9+p p=9
Hence p=9 and q=2.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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