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From the following sets of quantum numbers , state which are possible ?
(i) n=0,l=0,ml=1,ms=+1/2
(ii) n=2,l=1,ml=0,ms=1/2
(iii) n=2,l=0,m1=3,ms=+1/2
(iv) n=3,l=1,ml=0,ms=+1/2

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(i) n=0,l=0,ml=1,ms=+1/2
These set of quantum number are not possilbe as 'n' cannot have value ='0'
(ii) n=2,l=1,ml=0,ms=1/2
l=0 to (n1)
For l=1,ml=1,0,+1
So , these quantum numbers are possible.
(ii) n=2,l=0,ml=3,ms=+12
Not possible, as _(l)=3 value here is not permissible
ml has values=l,0,......,+l
Possible values of ml=2,1,0,+1,+2
(iv) n=3,l=1,ml=0,ms=1/2

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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