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Arrange the electrons represented by the following sets of quantum numbers in decreasing order of energy.
(i)n=4,l=0,ml=0,s=+1/2, (ii) n=3,l=1,ml=1,s=1/2
(iii) n=3,l=2,ml=0,s=+1/2, (iv) n=3,l=0,ml=0,s=1/2

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The (n+l) value foreach set is
for (A):(n+l)=4, i.e.4s
for (B) :(n+l)=4, i.e. 3p
for (C) : (n+l)=5, i.e. 3d
for D. (n+l)=3, i.e. 3s
(C) >(A)>(B)>(D)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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