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Young's double slit experiment is carried out using microwaves of
wavelength λ=3cm. Distance between the slits is d=5cm and the distance
between the plane of slits and the screen is D=100cm.
(a) Find total number of maxima and
(b) their positions on the screen.

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(a). The maximum path difference that can be produced =distance between the sources or 5 cm thus in this case we can have only three maximas, one central maxima and two on its either side for a path difference of λ or 3cm
(b). For maximum intensity at P,S2PS1P=λ(λ+d/2)2+D2(yd/2)2+D2=λ
Substituting d=5cm,D=100cm and λ=3cm we get y=±75cm
thus the three maximas will be at y=0 and Y=±75cm

Updated on:21/07/2023

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