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The prssure in a monoatomic gas increases lineraly from 4×105Nm28×105Nm2 when its volume increases form 0.2m30.5m3. Calculate the following:
(a) work done by the gas. (2) increase in the internal energy

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(a) As here pressure is varying lineraly with volume, work done by the gas
W=PdV= area under PV curve
i.e., W=4×105×0.3+12×4×105×0.3
i.e., W=1.8×105J
(b) The change in internal energy of a gas is given by
As the gas is monoatomic γ=(5/3)
So, ΔU=105(8×0.54×0.2)[(5/3)1]=32×105(40.8)
i.e., ΔU=4.8×105J

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