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A standerd cell emf 1.08Vis balance by the potential difference across 91cm of a meter long wire applied by a cell of emf 2V through a series resistor of resistance 2Ω. The internal resistance of the cell is zero. Find the resistance per unit length of the potentiometer wire.

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First consider the lower branch separately, You have to find the total potential drop V across the potentiometer wire of resistance r using unitary method . If 91 cm balances 1.08 volt them 1 m balances 1.0891×100=1.18 l volt
Now using eqn . (ii) VsV=IR gives 21.18=l×2
Then using equation (ii) V = Ir , we have r=Vl=1.180.41=2.87Ω
Resistance per unit lenght is 2.87Ω/m .

Updated on:21/07/2023

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