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Using mathematical induction, to prove that
11!+22!+3.3!+....+nn!=(n+1)!1, for all nN

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Let P(n): 1.1!+2.2!+3.3!+….+n.n!=(n+1)-1
When n=1
and RHS=(n+1)!-1
LHS=RHS. Hence P(1) is true …..(a)
Now, Let P(k) be true.
To prove P(k+1) is true.
i.e. 1.1!+2.2!+3.3!+....+(k+1)(k+1)=(k+2)!1...(ii)
Adding (k+1) (k+1)! to both sides of (1), we get
[1.1!+2.2!+3.3!+......+k.k!] +(k+1) (k+1)!
=(k+2)!-1 [(n+1)k(k+1)!for all nN]
Hence, P(k+1) is true, whenever P(k) is true. (b)
From (a) and (b) by the principle of mathematical induction it follows that P(n) is true for all natural number n.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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