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Prove the following by the principle of mathematical induction: 1+3+5++(2n1)=n2i.e. the sum of first n odd natural numbers is n2.

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Suppose P(n) denotes the statement.
1+3+5+……to n terms =n2.
i.e. 1+3+5+….(2n-1)=n2 ….(i)
for n=1 (I) means 1=12i.e.1=1 which is true
P(1) is true.
Let us assume that P(k) is true, kN
i.e. 1+3+5+....(2k-1)=k2 ....(ii)
Now, 1+3+5+......+(k+1) terms
=k2+2k+1 [by using (ii)]
P(n) is true for n=k+1
Therefore, by principle of mathematical, induction, P(n) is true for all n.
Hence, the sum of first n odd natural number is n2.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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