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1g charcoal is placed in 100mL of 0.5MCH3COOH to form an adsorbed mono-layer of acetic acid molecule and thereby the molarity of CH3COOH reduces to 0.49. Calculate the surface area of charcoal adsorbed by each molecule of acetic acid. Surface are of charocal =3.01×102m2/g.

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The correct Answer is:5×1019m2

2. Initial millimoles of CH3COOH=100×0.5=50
Final millimoles of CH3COOH=100×0.49=49
Millimoles adsorbed =5049=1
Moles adsobed =11000
Molecules adsorbed =11000×6.023×1023
Area per molecule =Total areaNumber of molecules

Updated on:21/07/2023

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