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Twenty precent of the surface sites of a catalyst is occupied by nitrogen molecules. The density of surface sites is 6.023×1014cm2 . The total sarface area is 1000cm2 . The catalyst is is henced to 300K and nitrogen is completely desorbed a pressure of 0.001 atm and volume of 2.46cm3 . Calculate the number of sites occupied by niitrogen molecules.

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The correct Answer is:2

1. Density of sites =6.023×1014
Total sites =6.023×1014×1000=6.023×1017
20% sites are occupied.
So, sites occupied =20100×6.023×1017=12.04×1016
or n=0.001×2.46×1030.0821×300=9.98×109
Molecules =9.98×109×6.023×1023=6.02×1016
Sites occupied per molecules of nitrogen is
Number of sitesNumber of molecules=12.04×10166.02×1016=2

Updated on:21/07/2023

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