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A simple pendulum of length L and mass (bob) M is oscillating in a plane about a vertical line between angular limit ϕ and +ϕ. For an angular displacement θ(|θ|<ϕ), the tension in the string and the velocity of the bob are T and V respectively. The following relations hold good under the above conditions:


(a) Tcosθ=Mg


(b) TMgcosθ=MV2L


(c) The magnitude of the tangential acceleration of the bob aT=gsinθ


(d) T=Mgcosθ

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The correct Answer is:B, C

Since the body is moving in a circular path, it needs centripetal force (Mv2/l).
Also the tangential acceleration acting on the mass is gsinθ.
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Updated on:21/07/2023

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