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A Choke coil is needed to operate an arc lamp at 160V (rms) and 50Hz. The lamp has an effective resistnce of 5Ω when running at 10A(rms). Calculate the inductance of the choke coil. If the same arc lamp is to be operated on 160V(DC), what additional resistance is required ? Compare the power loses in both cases.

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For lamp, (Vrms)R=(irms)(R)=10×5=50V
In series,
As Vrms_(L)=(Irms)XL=(Irms)(2πfL)
Substituting the values, L=152(2π)(50)(10)
Now, when the lamp is operated at 160 V DC and instead of choke let an additional resistance R is put in series with it then,
or 160=10(5+R^('))<br>therefore R^(')=11Omega<br>IncaseofACasthechokehasnoresistance,powerlossthechokeiszer<br>IncaseofDC,thelossadditionalresistanceR^(')is,<br>P=I^(2)R=(10)^(2)(11)=1100 W

Updated on:21/07/2023

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