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Match the followings columns.
Match the followings columns.


(a-1), (b-2), (c-2), (d-4)


(a-2), (b-1), (c-4), (d-3)


(a-4), (b-2), (c-1), (d-3)


(a-2), (b-4), (c-1), (d-3)

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The correct Answer is:A, B, C, D

Aleurone layer : It is a layer that surrounds tissues of monocot plant seed. It is different than seed in shape-wise and chemically.
It is a protein layer. It is a layer separating eudosperm and embryo which provides nutrition and helps in germination.
Parthenocarpic fruit : It is a seedless fruit which is produced without fertilization of egg cell located in ovule of the plant.
Ovule : It possesses female reproduction element e.g. embryo sac, that develops into seed after fertilization.
Endosperm : It is produced during the process of double fertilization in which one male gamete is attached with bipolar nucleus in the middle part of embryo sol.

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