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Define the following terms :
(a) Aestivation (b) Placentation (c) Actinomorphie (d) Zygomorphic (e) Superior ovary (f) Perigynous flower (g) Epipetalous

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(a) Aestivation : The mode of arrangement of sepals or petals in floral bud with respect to the other members of the same whorl is known as aestivation.
(b) Placentation : The arrangement of ovules in ovary is known as placentation.
(c) Actinomorphic : Actinomorphic flowers can be divided into two radial halves by any radial plane passing through its centre.
(d) Zygomorphic : Zygomorphic flowers are those flowers which can be divided into two similar halves by a single vertical plane, e.g. pea and beans.
(e) Superior ovary : Superior ovary flowers are those flowers in which thalamus becomes cone shaped and ovary is arranged at the top. Such ovary is called superior ovary and the flower is called Hypogynus e.g. Dhatura, China rose.
( f ) Perigynous flower : If gynoecium is situated in the centre and other parts of a flower are located on the rim of thalamus almost at the same level, it is called perigynous. Such ovary is said to be half interior e.g. plum, rosc, peach.
(g) Epipetalous stamen : When stamen are associated with petals it is called epiperalous ein. Dhaturo.

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